Monday, March 29, 2010

Balqis horoscopes....

Adventurer at heart

Your Sagittarius son or daughter is a born adventurer. For Sagittarius children, life is all about experience. They want to go out into the world and embrace everything it has to offer.

If your little one gets into all sorts of trouble before he can even walk, don't be surprised! Sagittarius children like to explore beyond the limits put in place by their parents.

Above all else, your Sagittarius child wants to learn and understand. You can help him with this by making his life as fun, varied and challenging as possible. Family holidays will go down well, as will long adventures in the great outdoors and games of hide-and-seek in the back garden.

Your Sagittarius child is naturally sporty and will need to work off his extra energy by doing things that are playful and physical. Let him join the local football team, or take him on long walks in the country.

His mind needs to be kept active too, so provide your Sagittarius child with lots of books to read and take him to museums, zoos and art galleries as often as possible. He has a universal outlook, so give him plenty of freedom and challenging conversation.

And finally, Sagittarius children tend to be bright, lively, optimistic and outgoing, which means they have a wide circle of friends. So don't expect your child's birthday parties to be small affairs. There are just too many people who love being around him!

Let your child roam (Balqis & mama)

Your Sagittarius child is energetic and curious by nature and wants nothing more than to get out and roam the world. From an early age, he loves being outside regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. He adores travel, even if it's just a trip to the supermarket in a nearby town, but a camping trip or a visit to another country would be even better!

You appreciate your little one's honesty, his sense of morality and his happy heart, but while you're certainly up for life's many pleasures, you're just not quite as adventurous as him. Stable and grounded, you prefer the comforts of home to breaking away from what's familiar to stretch limits and investigate ideas. However, your Sagittarius child needs the freedom to explore the boundaries of his existence.

A bold child (Balqis & Ayah)

You can easily relate to your Taurus child's attraction to enjoyment and self-indulgence. Beauty, pleasure and good company mean a lot to both of you, and you're each friendly and sociable with others. One difference between you, however, is your little one's natural confidence and basic comfort in the world. In an effort to get along with other people, you may sugarcoat your opinions and agree when you shouldn't, but your little Taurus, though a sweet-natured child, is more upfront with his feelings - and stubborn enough not to compromise when he doesn't want to.

His grounded, sensual nature goes well with your affectionate personality, as you're able to give him all the cuddles and closeness he needs. Your child's grace and practicality will inspire you, and you'll always enjoy watching him meet the world on his own terms.