Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Balqis 5th Birthday

This event was made for her last year in 26th of November.... Dah lepas pon... Tapi tak pos pun kat sini... Since Mama selalu mabuk dan pening bila mengadap computer... Hehehe 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Past events

These were the pictures of past events. For family members yang berjauhan dan masih merindui kami....  ^_^ 

Making wall banner for Balqis 5th birthday

Green around the house

Super rajin guy sweeping all dried leaves around the house

The bag

Daanish and my new bag

Kakak dan abang (after adik arrived)

Pencarian disaat akhir

Super excited to get furby at McD (first time makan McD)

Bergaya dengan spek baru

The waiting of new family member (31.03.2014)

Our new family member

New baby pillow & bed cover from unused stored fabric ^_^

Pokok limau barli akhirnya berbunga jua... It smells so nice.... Macam bau bunga cempaka bulat

Bunga-bunga manggis sedang kembang mekar... Wangi macam bau buah ciku manis

Abang bergaya ngan spek dan topinya....

New jewel in the house

Okey... It's late already. But I am announcing juga in this blog... Hehehe... New family member have arrived last month, on 31st March 2014 at 10.38pm.   His height was 52cm and weight 4.1kg. He is cute and tough. ^_^ but now his weight has increase... 4.8kg already....