Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Unwanted visitor...

Since last two weeks I've been receiving calls and SMS from house agent to set appointment for new potential house buyer. But since here at this condo we always heard and read news on notice board posting bad news of house break. Although it has been fully equips with CCTV, alarm and guards. We didn't want the appointment or meeting done before we had transferred all our belonging back to kampung. We had given dates to confirm that is after raya. But some how the agent seems to be very hush and ignoring our needs. Everyday he will call 4-5 kali and I usually doesn't pick up his call since I'm damn busy in the office with meetings and discussions, since last two weeks coz of new restructuring exercise here in SME Bank. Almost everyday I have to be in the office untill 9.00 to 10.00 pm with balqis (since nobody will take care of her at that time). I'm feeling tired and frust with this guy keep chasing me, dah la tension with the office work yang nak all SEGERA and in rush with arahan yang tak tetap dan berubah-ubah. I have to handle about 4 renovation at a time and to conduct staff transfer and penempatan which includes dealing with wireman, workstation and office equipment supplier, movers, technicians and more at a time. Da** I can't do by myself I need help!

And today I am sick at home with balqis. Tadi malam, while we are all in bed getting to sleep. Somebody ring our door bell berkali-kali macam orang giler. Stupid! Orang nak tido la! We didn't open the door since we don't know who's at the door. If it is somebody we know they should have ring us a call. Nowdays it is scary, some strangers can just ambush your home and samun or rompak with geng. Takut tau baca berita macam-macam kat newspaper.

Dalam hati, "tuan rumah nie tak sabar2 nak halau orang dari rumah. Tak leh ker negotiate elok2... Orang pun takut la... Kalau buat polis report apa jadi ek? Saya salah ker? Bukan ker kira langgar privacy orang dah tu, walaupun memang rumah dia? Am I wrong? What are your opinion? Anybody?

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DSLR camera...

I use to have SLR camera before used during my study as an architecture student in UIA... was bought in 1998, using my savings since child.. cost me about RM1500. I bought CANON EOS 500N in Bintang Maju fotoshop at Central Market (CM). At that time photography is costly and "only for people with money", but then I'm willing to sacrifice my saving only for my hobby or "minat". Really fall in love with photography since childhood, reading photography books and adore their works. My experience using camera starts after my mom bought me a small camera from mecca during their haj (1992). Then, film cost about RM7-12 for 36 exposure of 100 i'm not sure what... :) but usually i bought 36 exposure of 400 coz it can cater both dark and bright environment, which will cost about RM14-16 per roll of film.

I was wondering around for years since digital SLR in the market but not single one make me fall in love... until about few years back... Falling in love with CANON 7D. Although my film SLR still in good condition but the running cost today is very expensive... film now days very hard to find and if you want to view your picture you have to process it, processing fee is about RM5 and photo printing for 4R is 60-80 cent per piece, back then you can only get it at 30-35 cent per piece...

I'm quite fussy on buying things... Not only the specification i'm looing for but the looks, the overall composition, weight, price and what it can give me... I'm looking for camera that can capture in speed, fast.. bole tangkap banyak kali dengan cepat... their waiting time paling sikit... and can do most of my last SLR camera can do.. but still this 7D has few thing it can't do compared to my film SLR... but it is minimal... I'm thinking of both NIKON or CANON?

Apa pendapat kawan-kawan? Which is better? or thei's other i don't know about.... SONY, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, etc.