Friday, July 09, 2010

Menjalani operation buat kali pertama.

Last Saturday (3rd July 2010), I've lost my new baby... That morning I bleed heavy just as similar to what had happened before during my first pregnancy . The difference is it happens at early stage (1-8 weeks) compared to first pregnancy at 2-3rd trimester (more than 6month)

Monday at 8.30am, went to see O&G for checkup. O&G checked and resulting there still left over (the main fetus) in my uterus and making it more difficult to fall off itself is my uterus "terbalik" u-shape terbalik, they call it introvert. So I end up to have an operation to remove the remaining. O&G explained about the operation and it called ERPOC (better than D&C), she said the operation only took place about 15-20 minutes. I was warded immediately trough all the procedures. I have to change to operation clothes no others only it, including underwear. I was pushed in operation theater at 9.45am. I was given ubat I'm not sure of it's name injected trough my vein. I can see all the nurses busy preparing around me and talking to doctor. One nurse tell me if I'm feeling sleepy just close my eyes. The moment I open my eyes, I was in the ward. I didn't know when I fell asleep. About few minutes my hubby and little princess came. It was about 12.00 noon... then later doctor came to see me. She ask whether I'm awake or sedar or feeling anything during the operation. I said no... not at all. she said I was speaking to nurse and my eyes are open wide, so they put me more dose of ubat. but actually at that time I was already asleep... but still awake?? Lama jugak lah yer aku tido maknanya... hehehe... still feeling a little dizzy that time... later I was discharge from ward at around 6.00 pm. I was given 7 days MC till next checkup on next Monday.

The feelings and pain are diffenrent from bersalin dulu... kalau bersalin dulu sakit during bersalin time... and after bersalin tak rasa apa-apa kecuali penat dan keletihan. Tapi kali ini, tak sakit during operation since telah dibius sehingga pengsan terus, but after that perut dan belakang memang sakit... kalau baring jer ok lah... kalau jalan lebih sikit contoh kemas rumah.. memang sakit and will bleed. So sekarang I'm at home berehat till next appointment.