Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kenduri kendara

Hhhmmm... Todays event went ok although there few things can be improve for next time. I'm lost in searching for masjid in subang jaya near subang parade... Hahaha tula orang jarang merewang... Jalan pun tak tau... Dah jalan baru plak. I've wasted about an hour searching for the right road. Since and maybe because of that, better of or we should have gathered at USJ 8 mosque instead (depan balai polis USJ 8), it is nearer, more convenient for people with small children (like me) and NO TRAFIC JAM. "because we got lost" we arrive early and good thing is we could gathered other family member that had arrived earlier, while waiting for the rest of rombongan. Pengantin lewat berarak since the rest of rombongan still haven't arrived. After all had arrived, the arakan and kompang di palu... Mmm... Balqis seronok... That is her first time see and hear kompang. She was so excited and goyang badan while pointing and telling me, " Mama, nyanyi!". At the front of dewan door, "aekum", said balqis. (assalamualaikum = aekum). This little one was so excited sampai tak nak makan. Haiii... Anak Mama nie... Dah la badan dok berbahang mcm nak demam dari semalam. We thought of she was exhousted and tired coz of less sleep and rest, this is due to no day nap and about full day travelling. Hopefully tomorrow she will recover by herself after good rest and sleep. Kaki nie pun da lenguh and sakit sb banyak sangat jalan... Sb try to be unofficial photographer. Mmm.. Tak der pun gambar ngan pengantin... Nanti nak Mintak la gambar tu semua, nak wat kenangan. "ingat tau mintak sekali kad jemputan 2 keping". Hehehe.... Overall event went smooth except for bunga telur (hand gift) lupa diedarkan kepada tetamu (ahli keluarga). Sepanjang event after makan beradap, balqis sibuk main bunga tabur-tabur. Excited ramai sangat budak-budak. And now sleeping soundly exhousted. Tahniah to all for the great event! Nana you look gorgeouse! Hahaha... Kembang la tu... ;)

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Congratzz to my brother coz has finally got married. Alhamdullilah everything gone smooth n today will be another event at bride side. Next week will be another kenduri at kota bharu, kelantan. Picture will be upload later after all event. Sorry la semalam kelamkabut lupa bawak videocam... Sampai tak sempat nak makan pun... Kelaparan semalam sampai malam baru makan.. tapi balqis dah tido kepenatan ... Tak makan pun... cian anak Mama :(

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