Monday, July 26, 2010


I'm thinking of buying special birthday cake for balqis birthday this year, since I'm no good at baking cakes.

I was thinking to made special request on the cake design, but I can't made my mind. First of all the flavor of the cake should be fruits or strawberry.

Balqis loves Teddy bear so do cats and colors... Which one should I choose or can I combine all those? How will the cake look like? Is it ok? Or caca-merba? Well I think I should leave it to the expert since I'm not. Here some picture of cakes I've surf trough the web for some ideas.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My dream...

How I wish I could have my own shop. I wish to have own art & photo shop which comprise of my handmade craft and art work & collection of my photo or gallery of my photo. Really wish to become one of the great children portrait photographer. For me that is the most challenging part of all as a photographer. To capture moment and portrait of children. There are many photographer in the overseas, but here in Malaysia so far not as I expected, although there are few kira good photographer like Saiful Nang and his wife, others I'm not really sure. Here are some example I pick from few web of photographer around the world that I love and making me wanted to be and to try to take pictures or learn. :)