Friday, November 15, 2013

My little world...

It is quite some time I haven't visit my blog... So many thing happens... But so lazy to write here... Have been doing some craft projects for my darlings... But preggy mummy book have to stop since I'm a little dizzy lately when mengadap laptop lama-lama.... I'll continue later when I'm feeling all well. Right now all updates are done trough my iPhone and iPod touch... Thank Allah all this old gadgets are still working although it have been serving us for more than 4 years... Memang tahan la although being thrown, drop, left in hot car for hours and being make as skate board by my son... Hahaha... 

Here's some picture of past events and projects done... :)

Eating at KFC for adik 2nd birthday

Kakak and her salad

Baby memory book

Baby Thor and his memory book

Adik and his (mama handcraft) felt burger

Happy faces eating Nutella

Home made beaf burger and burger

Home cooked chickenchop
Homecooked strawberry pancakes

Handmade card for ayah's birthday

Playing together in the car

Adik faces eating ice-cream

Kakak & Adik eating gear box... :)

The special tv chair...

Eating time and iPod tak dapat dipisahkan...