Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gambar majlis perkahwinan adikku...

Mmm... Da lewat da actually nie. Tapi nak post jugak since aku tak leh nak tido nie... Nie adalah part of pictures taken by myself at the event. Please give comments on da photo. Da lama da nie tak pegang SLR, keras da rasa tangan. :)

Ok nie plak saje try new app kat iPod touch.. Okla kot... The out come :)

Monday, February 07, 2011


Some of my 1st attempt doing beading for my daughter's baju kurung.

So.. Ok tak? Anybody want to try me? Tempahan dibuka... :)

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Doa Series 01 (2011)

Details: daily doa series, laminated

Size: 210mm x 50mm

Email for pricing & ordering

Items code:DS1bl A0001, DS1bl A0002, DS1bl A0003, DS1bl A0004, DS1bl A0005, DS1bl A0006 (blue)

Items code:DS1be A0001, DS1be A0002, DS1be A0003, DS1be A0004, DS1be A0005, DS1be A0006 (beige)

Items code:DS1pk A0001, DS1pk A0002, DS1pk A0003, DS1pk A0004, DS1pk A0005, DS1pk A0006 (pink)

Items code:DS1gr A0001, DS1gr A0002, DS1gr A0003, DS1gr A0004, DS1gr A0005, DS1gr A0006 (green)

Items code:DS1bl B0001, DS1bl B0002, DS1bl B0003, DS1bl B0004, DS1bl B0005, DS1bl B0006 (blue)


Items code:DS1db A0001, DS1db A0002, DS1db A0003, DS1db A0004, DS1db A0005, DS1db A0006 (dark blue)

Items code:DS1dg A0001, DS1dg A0002, DS1dg A0003, DS1dg A0004, DS1dg A0005, DS1dg A0006 (dark green)

Items code:DS1pp A0001, DS1pp A0002, DS1pp A0003, DS1pp A0004, DS1pp A0005, DS1pp A0006 (purple)

Items code:DS1rd A0001, DS1rd A0002, DS1rd A0003, DS1rd A0004, DS1rd A0005, DS1rd A0006 (red)

Items code:DS1yl A0001, DS1yl A0002, DS1yl A0003, DS1yl A0004, DS1yl A0005, DS1yl A0006 (yellow)

Items code:DS1 C0001, DS1 C0002, DS1 C0003, DS1 C0004, DS1 C0005, DS1 C0006