Saturday, July 23, 2011

My story... (continues)

My baby was put under blue light all day and night except during feeding time. I was feeding him for every 1-2 hours depend on demand. :) the nurse will come and called to feed the baby every time the baby cries. All the mothers has to change diapers ad feed their own baby.

After being discharged. We still need to have check-up at the clinic every day. Since then we have tried a few traditional remedies to overcome jaundice. There are many we heard of, such as feeding of goats milk, sengkuang cina, Air kundur; give bath with air tauge (bean sprout), air daun bunga raya, air daun kuchai, air nila; put on alovera on the forehead, bedak sejuk and air badak on all body and many more. We only tried feed him with air zam-zam, put alovera on his forehead and give him bath with bean sprout water.

Later we were referred to specialist clinic at the hospital to check for other problems of prolong jaundice. But the doctor has suspected as breast milk jaundice.

The service was damn slow and inefficient. The waiting time took us from 7.30am every morning and ends about 12.00 noon everytime. The counter only opens at 9.00am and consultation rooms only 2-3 rooms opened in the morning. The blood test done took time more than 2 weeks to have result. And non consistent advice from doctors.

So lastly we surrender and tuang next appointments. We decided we would go for full screen test at private hospital later. Hoping everything will go well and as his elder sister. Since his sister also could have same jaundice problems if being checked for bilirubin since birth, because his sister also have high reading of bilirubin (180) at 7th day and being feed by formula milk the first 3 days and sulam for the previous days due to not enough breast milk.

May Allah protect us and give us good health. Amin...

My story...

Here I would love to share my medical experience with a government hospital in Alor Setar, Kedah. Since, this is my first experience using the facility.I was admitted on 7th June 2011 due to water breaking. My husband send me to the hospital from our house. The journey took us about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Compared to last time labour experience, the journey from house to hospital only took 5 minutes. It was very near & short journey. My water break at 8.00am and we arrived at the hospital at about 9.20am. I was held up at registration & check-up until about 4.00pm, to get a bed in ward. My family has to wait in the waiting room since then.

My husband had ask for a husband friendly room for labour, but instead was cold treatment, high tone voice & ignored. There should be a form for patient who request the room and got to pay for RM30. There's a husband in the waiting room waiting to be called to enter the labour room with his wife. But instead not being called at all until everything was done. When was questioned, they said they already called the husband. Pitty to that guy. Bad service to the hospital. If the ward and labour room was full. Why don't they explain to the patients & family members. Why give cold treatment & stupid excuses. I was called to go to ward with family members. Then they were pushed out from ward because it was not visiting hours yet. Although it was only about half an hour lagi jer. Without explaining to us that they are not suppose to be in there other than visiting hours. We notice it after reading the notice board. Kesian my daughter...While I'm in the ward waiting for my family come to visit me during visiting hours. I saw a lady with her baby crying opposite my bed. She was struggling feeding her baby. The baby keep crying. Then I see her feeding him with plain water. That baby keep quiet for a while then start crying again. I saw her face was very sad, tension and tired. I feel sorry for her, I walk towards that lady and ask, "Kenapa dengan baby?". "Lapar, susu tak der", she replied. "Kenapa tak bagi susu formula? Tak minta kat nurse?", I said. "Nurse tak bagi minim botol. Kene bagi susu badan jugak. Dah minta tadi, tapi kene marah", she explains. "Teruknya nurse tu", I thought and I feels like want to feed her baby with my milk. Since i still have because i still feeding my elder daughter aged 2 and half years old. "Kak try la mintak lagi, cakap susu tak der dan baby lapar. Cakap tegas sikit, kalau tak diaorang ingat kita main-main", I said again. I feel pity for her and her baby. Then, a nurse came to her to check her BP and baby. Then I heard her asking the nurse as I told her. The nurse took the baby away to be feed. Alhamdulillah, good for her and baby. I see a relief face expression on her pale face. In my previous experience, newborn baby was placed in the nursery until the mom or dad requested to. The nurse will took care of the baby until the mom was ready or feeling better. During my waiting for labour. I see so many rude and not respecting for others act by the nurses towards the patients. The doctors so far is ok but most when being questioned always answering with and answer that nak lepas tanggungjawap. The facility in the hospital, I would say okey and at par with private hospital. But the treatment and layanan I would say, not friendly.I do ask about first class or single bedded room. Do they allowed family members to accompany or stayed in the room. No body is allowed in the room only patient. Others only allowed during visiting hours. Our previous experience husband & kids are allowed to stay in the single bedded room. This would be the first experience for me to deliver without my husband beside me. Since we don't get to get a husband friendly labour room. I was pushed to labour room at 3.30am. I was put on bed in labour room at about 4.00am. The room was berselerak and I was put on wire to monitor contractions and baby's heart beat. I was not prepared for delivery. What I mean was bed was separated into half and hang the leg. Based on my experience before. I thought of they assuming I would be delivering late at least hours since my opening was only 4 cm. But the I was in labour pain and delivered my baby at 4.21am without doctor attending. I was assist by a lady wearing blue suite happened to passed by my room. She was alone helping me in labour. Thank to her for fast action and good job. I asked her name and thanked her. But now I can't remember her name but I can see her face now in my head. I has delivered my baby at 4.21am. But my husband and daughter in the waiting room was not informed until I was pushed out from labour room to ward at 8.00am. Why they don't informed the family members that was waiting like hell in that room? At least if they had informed them, they can have breakfast, sleep or bath while wait for a bed in ward. Kesian orang. Especially children like my daughter which can't separate with their mommy. My husband was worried sick in the waiting room, scared of something bad had happened with a daughter to take care of.

Then I was send to ward at about 8.00am with family members accompanying. But I was put on katil lipat at a corner in front of toilet entrance. The bed was full and given to patients in needs, such as seizer labour patients, old and other worse cases. Later came a nurse and happens to be my cousin's wife to inject my baby his first injection: BCG. That's all was done and test on baby. In my past experience, baby was run full test and screen for physical and blood test. Search for abnormalities and problems. Baby was japed for BCG and HepB. Baby must be confirmed healthy before discharge from ward.

I was discharge from ward that evening. Happy that can go home since I saw my little girl are so tired although she so excited for her new baby brother was born. She already catch running nose. If I go home at least she can rest and have good sleep.

The next morning at about 8.00am, we called the local nurse desa informing that I have delivered. Later, the nurse came to house at 8.30am for check-up. The nurse will come to do check-up on mommy and baby daily from birth until 20th day. We also need to go to Klinik Kesihatan to have blood test for jaundice. We had to take baby to clinic everyday to have blood test and that every time his feet has to be poked. From out past experience there was no jaundice check-up until the 5th day of birth. On that day baru do blood test to see bilirubin level in baby's blood. The blood was taken by toreh baby's heel. They will run full test to see if any abnormalities. On third day, we skipped the blood test session sebab kesian tengok baby. On 4th day we went to clinic for blood test and the test result showing 274 bilirubin reading. We were asked to go to the hospital immediately. We were shocked and terpinga-pinga, why we have to go to the hospital.At the emergency counter, we ask why. They said, my baby has to be warded for jaundice. We don't want our baby to be warded without any explanation. We ask to see and a discussion with doctor. Then came a doctor and said we had to send the baby for warded because the hospital circular said so. That's not explanation! Then a Indian guy at the counter calm us down saying we can see and discuss with doctor at the pediatric ward before making decision to ward our baby and said there are beds for mommy's to stay and accompany my baby.At the pediatric ward, we went to see a doctor to discuss and have an explanation. But what we get the same answers, circular said so to ward if reading more than 250. And we ask for the procedure and is there any facility for breastfeeding mothers to be in. They said mothers only can come and breastfeeding their baby from 9.00am to 10.00pm and are not allowed to stay. In my head still remembered what that Indian guy had informed me earlier. I was confused. We urged and desak to have me stay in. But they refuse and said semua hospital sama jer. So we ask for time to discussed between us before making decision to ward our baby. We make a call to KMC for confirmation is it possible for mommy to stay with jaundice baby. But they said the same, baby has to leave. Because of that we decided to go on and warded our baby here. But suddenly, change of statement made. Mommy can stay with baby in ward and there is beds for mommy provided. Aik! Tadi kata tak der! Now, ada plak! I was happy with that answer, because I can stay and take care of my baby. I don't trust them after I see such attitudes for the past 5 days.So I was warded again with my baby and husband and daughter have to go home and only visits us during visiting hours. There are a few more other mother was asking for bed like I do, and they give the same answer as I was told at the first time. Sedangkan there is another two bed vacant.

My baby was taken to photo-therapy room.

We were warded for 3 days and 2 nights. To be continued...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daanish Danial story continue...

Ok we continue the story.

After the announcement, I went out to see my hubby & Balqis. Then, we went to the canteen for food. We had nasi ayam and air bandung.

At canteen eating

Later, I went to the same place again to continue waiting & my family waiting in the waiting room. Then at about 4.00pm a nurse called my name. Saying I got a bed. Then we followed the nurse to the ward. In the ward husbands are not allowed except for visiting hours, so does childrens. So they can see me only at 12.30pm - 2.00pm and 4.30pm - 7.30pm. So that day, they are with me from 4.30pm until 7.30pm. Before that they are not allowed, they are pushed out after sending me to ward. Still have no contraction.

On my bed waiting for the time

Later came a doctor checking and asking a few questions. Then he ask me to sign a form for induce if there is no contraction after 12 hours from time the "waters breaking" as a procedure. My hubby also need to sign the form. After explaining the conditions and effects, I agreed and sign the form. But deep in my heart still hopping I do not need those medication (induce) since it has side effect on my baby.

At 10.00pm, I start to feel strong contractions. Which is about 15-20 minutes apart. Then at about 1.00am the contraction become stronger and I ask for checkup of the opening when the contractions are about 10 minutes apart. I ask a nurse, "Do I need any checkup? Since my contractions is already 10 minutes apart". The nurse ask me back, "Masuk sini tak kene check ker?. I replied, "Tak". That nurse I ask before doesn't came back after saying to me, she will get back to me later. Then, I asked the same questions to another nurse that came to me to check my BP. The same answer I get and no feedback.

Timer to check on my contraction

Later, I feel the contractions getting stronger and I pushed the RED button. A nurse said to me, "Awat dah sakit sangat ka?", sambil buat muka. "Yes", I replied. Then she ask me to come to the examination room in front of their counter. The nurse said to me, "Ala baru 2cm", with muka sinis. I replied back, "Lambatnya kali nie nak bersalin," in sarcastic voice tone.

The nurse are very rude and has no respect of others. Making fun of me in pain. As if, aku jer yang tak than sakit & mengada-ngada. I hate what they did to me. I just keep quiet in my bed and pray to Allah for safety and smooth delivery.

Later, at about 3.00am I feel the contraction & pain that I can't speak off. And I just keep quite in my bed coz I don't want to face that same situation again. Then a nurse came to me and ask me, "Sakit dah ker?". I just nod. She ask me wether I can walk to examination room or not. I nod again. In my heart, "Alhamdulillah, Allah temukan aku dengan nurse ini". She checked and it's already 4 cm. Then she said I will be pushed to labour room now. She ask me to bring along baby's clothes and my begs, also to inform my hubby.

My hubby arrive about 15 minutes later with my daughter. They were waiting for me in the car at car park behind the hospital. The nurses were still chit-chatting, while I'm in wheelchair and hubby & daughter beside me. Then, hubby ask, "Ini macam mana? Nak saya tolak ke labour room ke?", a sarcastic question was trown. Then, baru nak bergerak. They pushed me to labour room at about 3.30am. Hubby & daughter was asked to wait in the waiting room.

I was arrived at delivery room section at about 3.45am. In the labour room section, I was put in front of registration counter for about 10-15 minutes. Then, I was pushed to a labour room and put me on bed. They put on wire to monitor contractions & baby's heart beat. The room seems to be "berselerak" belum berkemas. Later, still struggling in pain. Suddenly, feels great pain and like baby is coming out. I search for RED button. But there's none. While I hold on. I search for somebody passing by, also nobody. Later, I see on lady in blue suite passing by, I called and said, "sakit! Nak bersalin". That lady was panic and rushing get me ready for labour. I was not being prepared before. Maybe they assume I will not deliver this sudden. I heard she ask me, "Rasa nak berak ke?". "Nak keluar!", I replied. In seconds, I feel like baby gone out and feeling my tummy empty, after gush of water. Then heard baby's cry and she hold up the baby in front of my face to confirm baby sex and put a tag. I saw the wall clock showing it's 4.30am. Another nurse came and take my baby out of the room. She continue to take off the "uri" out. Then stitched me. She done stitching at about 5.00am. At 5.30am a nurse came in with my baby to be breastfeed. My baby suck his first milk. Alhamdulillah, again Allah meets me with this experience & nice lady to help me deliver. At 6.00am a doctor came to check my baby. I was on labour room bed until 8.00am, waiting for an empty bed. But not regular bed, "katil lipat" at a corner in front of toilet door. The ward was full.

View from my bed

Later, we were discharge at 5.30pm although my baby still didn't poo. This is due to not enough bed and good health condition of both of us. Alhamdulillah... Boleh balik. Cian Balqis & hubby doesn't have proper sleep & meal. Balqis pun dah nak demam da, sebab tak cukup rehat.

My little prince
The end

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daanish Danial Story

It all begins with wet event on one silent and cozy morning... Hehehe... About 8.00am (7th June 2011). Well, my water broke on my bed one morning. I didn't realise it, until my dear hubby came home from pasar buying our breakfast. He came to me and said, "are you peeing on bed?". I replied, "no lah!". Hubby: "abis apasal basah?". me: "ha? Basah?". Hubby: "Cuba awak rasa katil tu". Alamak, memang basahlah... Tak kan aku kencing kot? Dalam mimpi? Ke air ketuban aku pecah?. I replied: "ayang, air ketuban pecah kot?". Then I ask him to reconfirm that water color, smell & feel. He then confirm back that it is clear & no smell. I was thinking of articles that I read before about labour. I said to my self, confirmla nie air ketuban aku dah pecah. Then I stood up beside my bed to change clothes to go to hospital. "Bruuushh...", more water came out & nothing I can do... Mak aih! Banyak nyer air... Banjir abis bilik... Terpaksala pakai tuala. Tuala means tuala mandi yang besar guna untuk lap badan after mandi... Sebab banyak sangat air turun... Pakai pad tak layak dah kalau macam nie... My dear hubby dah panic, he called nurse to reconfirm of what had happened. I just said to him, "Jom pergi hospital. Tapi tak sakit lagi...". He was rushing taking Balqis for a bath & getting ready to go to hospital. Taking all the things we need.

All the way my hubby's face was in panic & worry. I tried to comfort him & ask him to drive slow, because I don't feel the baby is coming out yet, because there was no pain at all. Just my back pain since starting of second trimester. He was mumbling on the road condition and unethical car drivers that cutting queues and drive like orang mabuk. Balqis, doesn't stop asking, "mama, kita nak gi mana?". Me: "Kita nak gi hospital, adik baby da nak keluar. Nanti Balqis dok ngan ayah ok? Sebab doktor tak bagi budak-budak masuk tempat mama masuk. Ok?". She replied, "Ok", with a smiling face. I was hopping everything will be ok, since Balqis is still breastfeed and very attach to me. And thinking, how Balqis will going to sleep at night without breastfeed & I'm sure she will be sad & cranky because we had to be saperated. Napela hospital tak benarkan anak & hubby tinggal je dalam bilik wad tu? kalau dok wad satu bilik. The journey took us about 45 minutes from our house. Jauhkan? Alhamdulillah, Tuhan tak bagi aku sakit bersalin macam Balqis dulu.

At the emergency lounge Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah. Hubby went to get a wheelchair for me. Then he push me to second floor the delivery section, with Balqis walking beside my wheelchair. At the registration counter, hubby was asking for husband friendly labour room. I was pushed for examination. Inside, the nurse came to check my BP & baby condition. I was informed that my bukaan is 2cm. Then a young doctor came for checking. She said that my baby is sleeping... Memang time tido pun. Then, they try to wake the baby... By tolak baby on my tummy... But baby keep sleeping. Then she tried to usik my baby's head by inserting her hand. My baby move up moving away from her. I don't feel good about this, and I don't feel the necessity of doing that. If the baby doesn't want to go out wet why forcing? Even I don't feel any pain nor contraction. Why? But who am I to argue... What I can do only pray to Allah for our safety. That's what I did since I know I was pregnant. Because I heard a lot of negative stories about hospital kerajaan. I was examine & experiment (I would say) about 3 hours. Then I was ask for blood take and wait to be called for ward.

Then came a young guy doctor for blood take. Alhamdulillah, tak sakit and he manage to fine my vein kat lengan. Tak macam time pregnant kat Klinik kesihatan, nurse amik darah tak pernah dapat jumpa, pastu last-last amik kat atas tangan. Kali pertama cucuk berkali-kali.. Sakit wei... Second time, I cakap terus kat lengan susah cari amik jer kat atas tangan. Sebab tak mau jadi cam hari tu sakit. Nurse lain pulak amik darah... Katanya nurse besar, apa term diorang pakai ek, aku lupa plak... Ok kot aku pikir, tak sakit.. tapi tekaan aku meleset sama sekali... Bukan sahaja sakit, tangan aku lebam & bengkak sebab amik darah. Apala dia buat kat aku. Teruk betul... Pastu bila tanya, kenapa jadi cam tu... Jawapan tak menjawap soalan langsung! Jawapan mengelak dari tanggungjawap jer. "sebab puan tak tekan kapas kuat-kuat lepas amik darah tu." Sedap jer dia jawap... Sama jer aku tekan setiap kali amik darah, nie bukan pertama kali. Siot jer!

Continue story balik... Then at about 1.00pm came a nurse and announce. All patients bole keluar makan dulu... Pukul 2 datang balik. Kalau cakap awal2 kan bagus. Da la dari pagi x makan, anak & laki aku kat luar pun sure tunggu kerisauan kat luar tu. Confirm tak makan lagi tu! Teruk betulla...!!

Ok... For time being kita stop dulu... My baby da nangis lapar :) We continue later....