Monday, August 08, 2005

my school St Anne's Convent Kulim

hem... wel would like to write about my old school in kulim.... I do miss all my friends .... my school is St. Anne's Convent Kulim.. this is my first and last girl's school i ever enter ... this school has some of sad and nice memory of me and friends...

To my classmate, Sherley Gun, Ghaitri, Kavita, Salwa, Lim Lee Lee, Lim Lee Sim, Lim Siew Chean, Siew Kean, Tek Sok Hoon, Nurakmar Zubir, Zurinoor Ahmad, Sri Nurdiana, M. Subashini, Hemavathy, Gayathri, Cik Zarina, Nur Aini, Nurul Waheeda, Aida Azlina, Aida Hanim, Norhasniza, Norniza, and all of you that I didn't list here.. I really missed you... I've lost contact with you since 1997 except for Zurin & Akmar.

I still thinking of you guys.. of how are you? and where were you today? while I'm already working in KL, graduated as an Architect. I'm hoping to see you someday... though it is hard to have the chance.. since I don't know how to contact you guys.

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