Friday, January 30, 2009

Things need or want to buy....

banyak juga lagi nak kene beli untuk BB nie....

1. Stroller
2. Car seat
3. Baby cot (since she's getting bigger, her cradle dah tak muat)
4. Baby carrier
5. Baby bouncer
6. Walker
7. Learning soft Toys
8. More clothing (since she's getting bigger)

mmm.. i think that's all for now... hehehehehe

mm.. stroller... banyak choices yang menarik... contohnya cam...

Quinny Buzz: from newborn, nice design, small & compact & expensive
Quinny Speedy: from newborn, nice design, small & compact & expensive

Quinny zapp: nice design, moderate price, small & compact, light weight, but baby tak boleh tido.

Sweet cherry: from newborn, design ok, function ok & price cheap, but bulky

Sweet cherry: design ok, function ok & price cheap, but bulky

Concord fusion: very nice design, comfortable material used, from newborn, small & compact, but very expensice

Concord neo: very nice design, comfortable material used, from newborn-12mth, small & compact, but very expensice

mm... dalam banyak2 tue lastly aku guna sweet cherry jer, after considering the budget, my lifestyle.. tak banyak sangat naik train, tak perlu pun compact design since i have lot of space in my house and car (Iswara) and maybe i would want to go for jogging someday.. so i choose 3-wheeler selain it looks nicer... :)

Car seat..
well... banyak sangat choices to make.. lawa-lawa pulak tu... mmm... tak tau nak pilih mana yang more value for money... and how to choose baby product especially the car seat yang sedang dicari kini... kalau boleh nak yang selesa dan muat dalam kereta proton iswara aku nie... nak selesa dan confirm selamat untuk BB, coz i will trevel with her everyday to office. Which is about 40km from home in single journey, that is appox. 1 hour normal journey and 2 hours if stuck in jam.

setakat ini ... these are d' calonnya...

maxi-cosi dori : cute, nampak comfortable & harga sederhana

Concord Ultimax: mamang lawa, comfortable, enough padding, washable cover, but very expensive & this is the only colour available so far.
these two above also Concord Ultimax, i love the colour but not available here in malaysia, only in Europe. :'(
Sweet cherry: cheap, looks comfortable, but padding ... keras...

Britax First Class Plus: nice, expensive, comfortable, wasable, but tak muat in Iswara

Britax Diplmat: price ok, cover washable, nice design, but color only available in US

Britax Boulevard: nice design, comfortable, cover washable, but very expensive

Mothercare Seville: price ok, nice design, cover washable, but padding still not enough

So far... antara calon diatas... i only interested in Britax Boulevard, Britax Diplomat & Concord Ultimax... Fuh... giler banyak duit aku... tapi tu la yang berkenan dihati buat masa ini. sebab pikirkan yang BB akan berada in that car seat more than 2 hours daily & bole kata 6 times a week.... lama kan??? what are your oppinion?? to be continued...

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