Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The meaning...

Meaning of Balqis Batrisya... mmm.. ramai yang bertanya apakah maksudnya.. termasuklah Cik Sue dier... (my little sister). Well here is the story-mory...

Setelah puas mencari nama kat dalam internet dan buku-buku nama yang dibeli... and one name that I search must have meaning of intelligent, beautiful, understanding & gracious. But of course none was found.

One day, while browsing books and tafsir... I found one name that I have fallen in love with. That name is Balqis... the name of Prophet Sulaiman wife. Which was known to be beautiful, intelligent, understanding, resourceful, and adventurous. A gracious queen, she had a melodious voice and was an eloquent speaker. Excelling in public relations and international diplomacy, she was also a competent ruler.

I would love my daughter to be like that... sape nak benda tak elok kan?? And name Batrisya complimenting that name. Batrisya means : cerdik/pandai/intelligent.


Balqis : Panjang umur, ratu Istri Nabi Sulaiman AS, Name of the Queen of Sheba

Batrisya : Cerdik, pintar


bobo ramli said...

tu ke maksud die
bgus bgus
xde yg bermksud berbulu

farra said...

suka hati jer kata anak aku berbulu... hahahaha....