Friday, July 24, 2009

Balqis admitted....

mmm... I don't know how to start... mmm... well yes Balqis was admitted to hospital last Saturday. We went back hospital to have another checkup up since her fever doesn't heal off. Doctor examined her and confirm us she had to be admitted. Her doctor said, she should have recovered after 2-3 days with second antibiotics. Maybe her body doesn't terima those antibiotics melalui makan or the kuman is damn strong! the doctor said she need to be admitted to give medicine trough blood to recover her fever if not the other sickness won't recover (flu & cough).

Wad kanak-kanak

Balqis had to receive healing medication for her kahak... since she is small and doesn't know to buang that kahak on her own. Then, she needs to be inserted with needle in her hand for medications. during the proses we both mama and ayah can't be in the room. Balqis cried for me to be with her and cried loud in pain... I cried slowly outside. sorry dear it is for your own good.... Later, doctor ask us to take her... balqis teresak-esak & mambling macam telling me what they had done to her.... I tried to comfort her and she stop crying.

Jarum yang dicucuk untuk memasukkan ubat

Gas yang perlu disedut Balqis bagi mengurangkan kahak

Setelah penat menagis

nilah kerja dia.. gigit & tarik nak buang... dan akhirnya berjaya...

ubat sedang dimasukkan-pada awalnya macam ni lah tak de reaksi pun.. tapi after 2-3 times, balqis mula menangis setiap kali masuk ubat.

Since then, balqis is phobia with langsir & people with turquoise & white uniform (nurse that is). She will cried load when she sees them. And for that reason I'm the one to feed her medicine. Except for medication trough blood and inhaler gas.

Our time was full with medication session and sesi pujuk memujuk, since there is so many nurses wondering around and taking her temperature, heart beat & medications.

ayah tengah pujuk pi jalan-jalan

ni gambar favorite balqis... tengok this painting mesti dia gelak & senyum.

Balqis also need for physiotherapy to help her clear her trout and lugs from kahak. Every time & session she will cry ( I think it is because there was a nurse and she had to be bedung).

On Monday night, during one of the nurse insert medication trough blood. She cried in pain very loud. We all panic since shes usually doesn't cried that loud. We are assuming there's something was wrong and she is great pain. We immediately ask that nurse to pull out that jarum. After that she's slowly stop crying. then, she was discharge on Tuesday noon.
Alhamdullilah. Dah boleh keluar wad... But still we worried about her. This is because she doesn't want to bottle feed and makan other than breastfeed. Kurusla anak aku kalau terus macam nie... We consult the doctor, and she said it is okay and normal because she wasn't fully recovered. When she's feeling ok, she will gradually eat and drink her milk again. Hopefully she will recover soon, coz mama not having anymore cuti.

fever dah lega, but still got the flu & cough


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