Friday, August 07, 2009

Water Chesnut

I just found out that this famous "sengkuang cina" or Chinese water chesnut is used to increase the milk production. Water chestnut is a tuber nut with great nutrient benefits and nice taste... I like it. It contains high carbohydrates and a good replacement for grains. It is also a good source for fibre and vitamin B, and also contains Potassium, Calcium, zinc and iron.

Among the water chestnut’s benefit known in our region:

  • To increase milk production.
  • To reduce body heat.
  • To relief jaundice (not for babies, as babies are recommended to be breastfed alone. But still I had this petua from orang2 tua for babies too).
  • Cough reliever.
  • Source of energy – high in calorie.
  • Promote urination. Good for UTI.
  • To relieve nauseousness.
  • To be used in detox.

However it shouldn’t be taken too much because it will upset our stomach and body.

Fresh water chestnut can be get at the local market and supermarket such as Giants, Tesco, etc. However, F&N made our life easier by producing water chestnut drink in aluminium tin named Season

sengkuang cina

And one most famous thai desert that i like most is Ruby in coconut milk... hehehehe...

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Drama Mama said...

eh farah that's my favourite thai desert too! *drooling*