Friday, April 23, 2010

Pelajaran hari ini...

sintom-sintom yang perlu diketahui jika anak anda muntah... info dibawah diambil dari

Find your child's symptoms in the left column and then click on the link in the right column to learn more about the illness. (Note: This chart is meant to serve as a guide and not to replace the advice of your doctor.)

Symptoms:What it could be:
Vomiting; diarrhea; poor appetite; possibly fever.Stomach bug or food poisoning
Queasiness or stomach upset after or while riding in a car, boat, plane, or amusement ride; vomiting.Motion sickness
Severe cold symptoms; usually fever; diarrhea; vomiting.Flu
Congestion; runny nose; sneezing; sore throat; cough; achiness; possibly fever; sometimes stomach ache or vomiting caused by swallowing mucus or by excessive coughing.Cold
Ear pain; fever over 100; possibly stomach upset, vomiting, and /or diarrhea; possibly fluid draining from ear.Ear infection
Tenderness in pelvic area; possibly mild fever, nausea, or vomiting; need to urinate frequently; painful urination.Urinary tract infection
May have dry, itchy rash on face, kneecaps, elbows; allergic symptoms whenever child eats the offending food, such as: itching and swelling of face, lips, and mouth; hives; watery eyes and runny nose; possibly vomiting, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing.Food allergy Call 911 if your child is having trouble breathing
Vomiting after taking certain medications or combinations of medications.Medication side effects
Vomiting; you think your child may have swallowed some kind of non-food item like a drug, chemical, or plant.Poisoning Call your Poison Control Center right away
Vomiting after a blow to the head; possibly also dizziness, confusion, sleepiness, seizure, unconsciousness.Concussion
Seemingly fine one minute and then writhing in pain the next; vomiting; lethargic; passing blood from the rectum. Most common between ages 6 months and 3 years.Intussusception Call the doctor right away
Poor appetite; low-grade fever; possible vomiting; stomach pain that worsens over a few hours and seems to be in lower right quadrant or middle of abdomen.Appendicitis Call the doctor right away
Lump in the genital area or near the navel that suddenly becomes larger, harder, or darker, and cannot be easily "pushed back in"; possible vomiting; writhing in pain.Incarcerated hernia Call the doctor right away
Fever; vomiting; irritability; poor appetite.Meningitis Call the doctor right away
Fever; fatigue; poor appetite; vomiting; abdominal discomfort; dark-colored urine; jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes). Uncommon.Hepatitis
Abrupt vomiting five to seven days after a viral illness like flu or chicken pox; associated with taking aspirin; drowsiness or hyperactivity; possibly diarrhea; seizure. Very rare.Reye's syndrome Call the doctor right away

diharap info ini dapat sedikit-sebanyak membantu. :) For more info you can get it from

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