Thursday, August 26, 2010


Lately nie memang selalu teringin nak baby lagi…. Seronok bila tengok Balqis seronok tengok baby and even baby picture… she will be very excited and telling me in her own language yang kadang2 boleh faham but bila banyak sangat dia nak cerita I can’t catch anything.. hehehehe… but I know she really love and excited about babies. Everyday when I fetch her from her nanny’s house she will tell stories about newborn baby (the nanny’s daughter’s child – tengah berpantang kat situ). She will tell me everything what that baby was doing… baby tido, baby mandi, baby yak (poop), baby tutu (minum susu) and so on… mmm… hopefully I’ll be conceive again soon. J

I’ve been surfing the website for checklist… banyak lah pulak dah sekarang… dah macam-macam website ada check list… good and helpful for new mothers. Here are some website that I think is good to share with.






Mmmm… for me I had to replace few old things like clothing, binder, milk bottle and another few more things… lain-lain bole pakai balqis punyer.. tapi nak kene balqis punyer la pulak sb dah besarkan… contoh car seat… J

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