Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hard disc crash!!!

Argh...!!!! One of our storage hard disc just crash... It just doesn't powered up... (2 weeks ago). Abis all our anime collections went gone... Cian hubby... Hilang sekelip mata jer all his hardwork for about belasan tahun... Nak collect again... Frust already...

Then, I was transferring n organizing files in another storage hard disc of all our photo collection. Then TNB power went down! my hard disc crash!!! Damn abis semua gambar wedding.. Balqis from born till now lost!!

Hubby tak tido malam trying to save those data.... Using all his knowledge n computers we have... He discovered a method from a friend and try it. So far he had retrieved some of the files although had some file can't be read and still working on it till today. Alhamdulillah, hopefully we could recover all the files without any other problems.... Amin...

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