Saturday, November 26, 2011

My car's back & break light won't turn off even switch & engin was off...

We were in KL that time when this happends. We were just arrived & leaving our daughter & son in the house. Me return to our car to collect out luggage, leaving hubby babysit & have a rest. Then I find out that our tail light was on. I thought maybe the switch was on. But then I "tengok" that the front light was off... Hhmmm... I tried to switch on & off again & again. I tried to start the engin & switching of the security alarm. But the tail light was still on. I don't want to wait too long or our car battery would be drained. So I quickly take our bags & went up to the house to inform my hubby.

So he went down & examine for himself before end up to pull out the car battery for that night.
I was so exhausted and fell asleep while breastfeeding my baby. But my hubby can't go to sleep because of this problem. He was worried sick coz we are departing back to Alor Setar tomorrow morning after my job interview.

Nak hantar kedai check pun duit x der. Duit ada ngam2 for toll & car fuel. Nak beli makanan pun x cukup. Nasib ada duit syiling skit. Tu pun ada kot RM20 utk beli makanan for 3 of us for 2 days... Hubby was surfing & googling for hours till morning to find what went wrong. It couldn't be wiring coz switch was off. But who knows we are not mechanic. I was up at 2 am accompany him. But still didn't find answer. He went to car again & he found something on the floor, that thing da pecah n don't know want was it n what for. So we assume it must be this thing has link or kena mengena with the tail light problem.

But time for my interview da dekat so have to get prepared. Take bath & give bath... Bersiapla... Kerete? Tawakkal jer la... Bawak slow2. Duit x der...

After the interview we went straight back to alor setar takut still on highway malam... Susah.

Today, we discovered what was that thing my hubby found on the floor. Yes it is true it does have something to do with that tail light problem. It name was "pad paddle stopper". So the problem solved by glue'ing 5cent there. Haish... Pening kepala cari what was the problem. Only that was it! Kalau hantar kedai mekanik tak tahu apa... Abis aku nyer kete, kene rungkai. Tak pun abis duit kene tipu.

that this was no 10.

So, pengajaran kali ini... Google first before you buy or do anything... :)

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