Saturday, July 19, 2014

First attempt to fast

This is her first time berpuasa.  We just asking her to try fasting.  Tak tefikir pun untuk dia berpuasa penuh... Mungkin bole try puasa half day ker... A few day penuh ker... That's all... Harap dia faham to tolerate and faham about puasa.  So... To encourage her to fast... I create a fasting journal for her... She will be getting stars if she fast for full day... Will be getting half staf for half day or getting a big "X" if she doesn't fast that day... For the first 5 days was a bit hard for her and her brother.  Both tak leh terima tak leh makan together during day time... Either she will be upset not having to eat her favourite fruit or cereal with her brother or the other way around. 

One of the scene I manage to capture during our travel from Alor Setar to our home, on the 5th day of Ramadhan.

After that day she manage to fast all day just to get a star in her book. She doesn't  like the big red "X" I draw in her book... :)

So far she only tinggal puasa for 5 days... Itu pun... Sehari jer tak puasa betul... Lain-lain hari puasa separuh hari atau 3/4 hari... 

Oklah for first timer and 5 years old girl... :)

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