Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hiasan hari raya.....

here at my office, we as a team was selected by our bos to decorate our department lobi in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebration. So me and team have to do something to the lobi with theme of "Ceria Di Aidilfitri". hhmmm... well this what we have come up with since i was so tired, 2 teammate got daugther/son admited, left was another three to continue our mission.... with all the equipments and material brought and bought from anywhere we can fine.... which is the tree, dumpster, road side, home and more wierd places... :) We end up to make house area with regular activities done during the festive season.... well, there is a house window facing the 'laman' which is full of activiti of "anyam ketupat", "bakar lemang", "kawah with ketupat in it" (which is actually only a kuali coz the area was too small) & house decotared with flowers, raya card, "pelita" and "lampu kelip-kelip". Here's some picture taken this morning:

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