Friday, November 14, 2008

admitted to hospital...

hmm... i was admitted to hospital coz of my BP .... after bp checkup at panel klinik at my office yesterday. i was ask by doctor to go to my O&G in Columbia Asia Hospital to double check my bp since every time i checked there in the clinic my bp was high 140/90 - 150/90. So with the letter given by the doctor, i went back home and fetch my hubby to accompany me to the hospital. When arrive at the hospital the doctor not there... the clinic only start at 8.00pm till 10.00pm. So we made an appointment to see her that night. Somehow during the registration, she shows up and ask us what's the matter.... well i explain to her regarding my checkup made, asked by doctor in "Klinik Kerajaan". So she then examine my bp and check if "laluan" baby open or not.. she said it was close tight... so she assume there won't be any problem but she admitted me juga since my bp not consistent... i was admitted immediately. Here are some picture taken with my hubby pda phone since my digital camera with my staf at the office... lupa nak amik kalut sangat balik... :)

the bed

my tea that evening

my breakfast this morning...

mmm... lupa pulak nak amik gambar dinner that night... hehehee... anyway... this morning the doctor came to see me with a big laugh. She said "tak der apa-apa.." i've been discharged. Dah boleh balik horey!!! My doctor told me that it is confirmed that i'm stress at the office, so she wanted to give me mc for 2 weeks that is until my EDD. But then i've already taken my annual leave next monday onwards until my EDD since i have to clear up all my annual leave before year end. So she just give me 3 days of mc. :) Thank to Allah every this was fine. Alhamdullillah saya dan baby sihat dan tak perlu induced or admitted till delivery... takut la... penakut giler la aku nie... aku rasa time kat hospital kerajaan tu pun bp aku naik pun sebab aku takut la kot... sebabnya selalu immediately after ujian air kencing dan cucuk jari aku terus gi periksa bp... aku takut jarum... cucuk sikit kat jari pun bp aku dah melonjak.. :p

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