Monday, September 12, 2011

Why my baby poop green?

Hhmmm... Got some questions wondering in my mind when my little prince poop went green last 2 weeks... Again actually... The first time was about a month ago... When it happens... As usual I will automatically when for googlling. Searching for an answer. Many website or forum said it was because of lack of hind milk..

"green poop can be a sign of too much foremilk and no hind milk."

Hind milk is the fatty milk with thick white colored milk (mine la) & foremilk is the water like milk.

And if your infant really are pooping green because of it. Usually your infant will also exhibit:

1. Fussiness and/or gassiness
2. Frequent stools, often green, curdy and mucusy
3. Gulping, gasping and choking while nursing
4. Excessive weight gain
5. Apparent lack of "comfort" nursing
6. Discomfort when breastfeeding, sometimes so intense that baby goes on strike
7. Possible early weaning (often close to the first birthday, sometimes sooner)

Mother may experience:

1. Strong or even painful sensation when milk ejects
2. Frequent spraying of milk from one or both breasts
3. Excessive leaking
4. More than one let-down per nursing session
5. Repeated mastitis (breast infections)

But, my baby & i hasn't have all those symptoms and experience. So I search again. Until I came to one site mentioning his son poop go green just because his wife ate a banana... It was hilarious at first when I read it.

Then I tried to screen my past food consumed and made an experiment on myself... What I have eaten that week new and ordinary in my menu... And I end up finding it was "laici tin"... Hehehe... Itu rupanya yang dia x mau! :) then last two weeks again green poop... But I didn't consume any laici tin. But I do makan salted kacang tong garden brand. Then again experiment on myself... Yes! That was it... Ok new experience and new info.

Dulu x pernah jadi macam nie maybe because my daughter was not exclusively breastfeed since at nanny house there are times my bekalan susu shot and need to top up dengan formula milk. But actually was not... Saje bagi sikit... Belambak lagi ada dalam fridge. Anyway that time I was more secure in giving formula milk to her because of my penemuan my breastmilk was boiled not warmed before feeding... Abis milk tu pecah minyak... I don't know apa jadi to all the good nutritions in that milk... Was-was gak... I did tegur them. But the answer buat aku malas nak cakap lebih... "makcik dah biasa buat macam tu... dari dulu zaman "amy" kecik-kecik lagi." Because of that I thought of giving my little princess formula milk while with the nanny. I only breastfeed her before sending her to nanny & time ambil dia balik (usually in car right in front of nanny's house). Direct breastfeed jer la... Breastmilk yang dah perah tu campur dalam food dia.

Hmmm... Dah jauh menyimpang dari topik asal nie... Anyway, it is an info that I would want to share and remind of myself later if it do happens again. Hope this info will help other mommy like me. :)

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