Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daanish 3rd birthday....

Last Sunday (8th June) we celebrate Daanish 3rd birthday... He was so exited looking at not so great mom and kakak wall deco.  With new little member in the family, it is kelam kabut with my so kalut and panic self to deco in a limited time.  All the decorative material was made last night.  ballons were all ready after subuh.  kantoi by birthday boy already.  but got covered.  "mama, nape banyak sangat belon... mama?", with sad voice sebab menangis cari mama tak jumpa.... ( baru bangun tido). 

Later, Ayah bring along the birthday boy out buying the birthday cake and having first ever hair cut at the barber's shop.  While mama and kakak deco the house, cleaning and arranging the furniture with feeding time stop for little Ameer when he's hungry... :)

But somehow we do manage to sort of finished in time, just before they came back.  

When they came back, ayah masuk dulu informing us and give me the cake.  Then they came in.  We sing the birthday song. Gembira bukan main lagi.... But no more cute baby looks... Gonjeng dah rambut...  Tak pe la... Nanti panjang balik kan... •_< 

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