Friday, June 13, 2014

Kenny Rogers Rosters

A few picture taken while making order for our little member yang tak lalu makan.  We are all fell sick except for Ameer. I think this is due to mama's milk doing it's job protecting and supplementing him with antibodies and help.  

Balqis and Daanish was so not want to eat... And will vomit after meal, with cough, flu and fever... On and off for 2 weeks now.  Sorang baik... Sorang baru Mak mula... Yang Dah baik berjangkit semula... Yela... Kakak berasa sihat, peluk cium adik yang tak sihat... Dan sebaliknya...  Alih-alih berjangkit la... Nak larang pun payah... :) so we end up try something new for Daanish and long so not for Balqis... What the... My English!!! Hahaha... ^_^

They both eat akhirnya, although not much.  Lastly mama & ayah had to finished it up. Daanish vomit after eating.  But ok no food came out, only lendir & air.  Hoping both will be fine and get well soon.  

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