Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daanish Danial story continue...

Ok we continue the story.

After the announcement, I went out to see my hubby & Balqis. Then, we went to the canteen for food. We had nasi ayam and air bandung.

At canteen eating

Later, I went to the same place again to continue waiting & my family waiting in the waiting room. Then at about 4.00pm a nurse called my name. Saying I got a bed. Then we followed the nurse to the ward. In the ward husbands are not allowed except for visiting hours, so does childrens. So they can see me only at 12.30pm - 2.00pm and 4.30pm - 7.30pm. So that day, they are with me from 4.30pm until 7.30pm. Before that they are not allowed, they are pushed out after sending me to ward. Still have no contraction.

On my bed waiting for the time

Later came a doctor checking and asking a few questions. Then he ask me to sign a form for induce if there is no contraction after 12 hours from time the "waters breaking" as a procedure. My hubby also need to sign the form. After explaining the conditions and effects, I agreed and sign the form. But deep in my heart still hopping I do not need those medication (induce) since it has side effect on my baby.

At 10.00pm, I start to feel strong contractions. Which is about 15-20 minutes apart. Then at about 1.00am the contraction become stronger and I ask for checkup of the opening when the contractions are about 10 minutes apart. I ask a nurse, "Do I need any checkup? Since my contractions is already 10 minutes apart". The nurse ask me back, "Masuk sini tak kene check ker?. I replied, "Tak". That nurse I ask before doesn't came back after saying to me, she will get back to me later. Then, I asked the same questions to another nurse that came to me to check my BP. The same answer I get and no feedback.

Timer to check on my contraction

Later, I feel the contractions getting stronger and I pushed the RED button. A nurse said to me, "Awat dah sakit sangat ka?", sambil buat muka. "Yes", I replied. Then she ask me to come to the examination room in front of their counter. The nurse said to me, "Ala baru 2cm", with muka sinis. I replied back, "Lambatnya kali nie nak bersalin," in sarcastic voice tone.

The nurse are very rude and has no respect of others. Making fun of me in pain. As if, aku jer yang tak than sakit & mengada-ngada. I hate what they did to me. I just keep quiet in my bed and pray to Allah for safety and smooth delivery.

Later, at about 3.00am I feel the contraction & pain that I can't speak off. And I just keep quite in my bed coz I don't want to face that same situation again. Then a nurse came to me and ask me, "Sakit dah ker?". I just nod. She ask me wether I can walk to examination room or not. I nod again. In my heart, "Alhamdulillah, Allah temukan aku dengan nurse ini". She checked and it's already 4 cm. Then she said I will be pushed to labour room now. She ask me to bring along baby's clothes and my begs, also to inform my hubby.

My hubby arrive about 15 minutes later with my daughter. They were waiting for me in the car at car park behind the hospital. The nurses were still chit-chatting, while I'm in wheelchair and hubby & daughter beside me. Then, hubby ask, "Ini macam mana? Nak saya tolak ke labour room ke?", a sarcastic question was trown. Then, baru nak bergerak. They pushed me to labour room at about 3.30am. Hubby & daughter was asked to wait in the waiting room.

I was arrived at delivery room section at about 3.45am. In the labour room section, I was put in front of registration counter for about 10-15 minutes. Then, I was pushed to a labour room and put me on bed. They put on wire to monitor contractions & baby's heart beat. The room seems to be "berselerak" belum berkemas. Later, still struggling in pain. Suddenly, feels great pain and like baby is coming out. I search for RED button. But there's none. While I hold on. I search for somebody passing by, also nobody. Later, I see on lady in blue suite passing by, I called and said, "sakit! Nak bersalin". That lady was panic and rushing get me ready for labour. I was not being prepared before. Maybe they assume I will not deliver this sudden. I heard she ask me, "Rasa nak berak ke?". "Nak keluar!", I replied. In seconds, I feel like baby gone out and feeling my tummy empty, after gush of water. Then heard baby's cry and she hold up the baby in front of my face to confirm baby sex and put a tag. I saw the wall clock showing it's 4.30am. Another nurse came and take my baby out of the room. She continue to take off the "uri" out. Then stitched me. She done stitching at about 5.00am. At 5.30am a nurse came in with my baby to be breastfeed. My baby suck his first milk. Alhamdulillah, again Allah meets me with this experience & nice lady to help me deliver. At 6.00am a doctor came to check my baby. I was on labour room bed until 8.00am, waiting for an empty bed. But not regular bed, "katil lipat" at a corner in front of toilet door. The ward was full.

View from my bed

Later, we were discharge at 5.30pm although my baby still didn't poo. This is due to not enough bed and good health condition of both of us. Alhamdulillah... Boleh balik. Cian Balqis & hubby doesn't have proper sleep & meal. Balqis pun dah nak demam da, sebab tak cukup rehat.

My little prince
The end

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