Saturday, July 23, 2011

My story... (continues)

My baby was put under blue light all day and night except during feeding time. I was feeding him for every 1-2 hours depend on demand. :) the nurse will come and called to feed the baby every time the baby cries. All the mothers has to change diapers ad feed their own baby.

After being discharged. We still need to have check-up at the clinic every day. Since then we have tried a few traditional remedies to overcome jaundice. There are many we heard of, such as feeding of goats milk, sengkuang cina, Air kundur; give bath with air tauge (bean sprout), air daun bunga raya, air daun kuchai, air nila; put on alovera on the forehead, bedak sejuk and air badak on all body and many more. We only tried feed him with air zam-zam, put alovera on his forehead and give him bath with bean sprout water.

Later we were referred to specialist clinic at the hospital to check for other problems of prolong jaundice. But the doctor has suspected as breast milk jaundice.

The service was damn slow and inefficient. The waiting time took us from 7.30am every morning and ends about 12.00 noon everytime. The counter only opens at 9.00am and consultation rooms only 2-3 rooms opened in the morning. The blood test done took time more than 2 weeks to have result. And non consistent advice from doctors.

So lastly we surrender and tuang next appointments. We decided we would go for full screen test at private hospital later. Hoping everything will go well and as his elder sister. Since his sister also could have same jaundice problems if being checked for bilirubin since birth, because his sister also have high reading of bilirubin (180) at 7th day and being feed by formula milk the first 3 days and sulam for the previous days due to not enough breast milk.

May Allah protect us and give us good health. Amin...

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