Monday, July 18, 2011

Daanish Danial Story

It all begins with wet event on one silent and cozy morning... Hehehe... About 8.00am (7th June 2011). Well, my water broke on my bed one morning. I didn't realise it, until my dear hubby came home from pasar buying our breakfast. He came to me and said, "are you peeing on bed?". I replied, "no lah!". Hubby: "abis apasal basah?". me: "ha? Basah?". Hubby: "Cuba awak rasa katil tu". Alamak, memang basahlah... Tak kan aku kencing kot? Dalam mimpi? Ke air ketuban aku pecah?. I replied: "ayang, air ketuban pecah kot?". Then I ask him to reconfirm that water color, smell & feel. He then confirm back that it is clear & no smell. I was thinking of articles that I read before about labour. I said to my self, confirmla nie air ketuban aku dah pecah. Then I stood up beside my bed to change clothes to go to hospital. "Bruuushh...", more water came out & nothing I can do... Mak aih! Banyak nyer air... Banjir abis bilik... Terpaksala pakai tuala. Tuala means tuala mandi yang besar guna untuk lap badan after mandi... Sebab banyak sangat air turun... Pakai pad tak layak dah kalau macam nie... My dear hubby dah panic, he called nurse to reconfirm of what had happened. I just said to him, "Jom pergi hospital. Tapi tak sakit lagi...". He was rushing taking Balqis for a bath & getting ready to go to hospital. Taking all the things we need.

All the way my hubby's face was in panic & worry. I tried to comfort him & ask him to drive slow, because I don't feel the baby is coming out yet, because there was no pain at all. Just my back pain since starting of second trimester. He was mumbling on the road condition and unethical car drivers that cutting queues and drive like orang mabuk. Balqis, doesn't stop asking, "mama, kita nak gi mana?". Me: "Kita nak gi hospital, adik baby da nak keluar. Nanti Balqis dok ngan ayah ok? Sebab doktor tak bagi budak-budak masuk tempat mama masuk. Ok?". She replied, "Ok", with a smiling face. I was hopping everything will be ok, since Balqis is still breastfeed and very attach to me. And thinking, how Balqis will going to sleep at night without breastfeed & I'm sure she will be sad & cranky because we had to be saperated. Napela hospital tak benarkan anak & hubby tinggal je dalam bilik wad tu? kalau dok wad satu bilik. The journey took us about 45 minutes from our house. Jauhkan? Alhamdulillah, Tuhan tak bagi aku sakit bersalin macam Balqis dulu.

At the emergency lounge Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah. Hubby went to get a wheelchair for me. Then he push me to second floor the delivery section, with Balqis walking beside my wheelchair. At the registration counter, hubby was asking for husband friendly labour room. I was pushed for examination. Inside, the nurse came to check my BP & baby condition. I was informed that my bukaan is 2cm. Then a young doctor came for checking. She said that my baby is sleeping... Memang time tido pun. Then, they try to wake the baby... By tolak baby on my tummy... But baby keep sleeping. Then she tried to usik my baby's head by inserting her hand. My baby move up moving away from her. I don't feel good about this, and I don't feel the necessity of doing that. If the baby doesn't want to go out wet why forcing? Even I don't feel any pain nor contraction. Why? But who am I to argue... What I can do only pray to Allah for our safety. That's what I did since I know I was pregnant. Because I heard a lot of negative stories about hospital kerajaan. I was examine & experiment (I would say) about 3 hours. Then I was ask for blood take and wait to be called for ward.

Then came a young guy doctor for blood take. Alhamdulillah, tak sakit and he manage to fine my vein kat lengan. Tak macam time pregnant kat Klinik kesihatan, nurse amik darah tak pernah dapat jumpa, pastu last-last amik kat atas tangan. Kali pertama cucuk berkali-kali.. Sakit wei... Second time, I cakap terus kat lengan susah cari amik jer kat atas tangan. Sebab tak mau jadi cam hari tu sakit. Nurse lain pulak amik darah... Katanya nurse besar, apa term diorang pakai ek, aku lupa plak... Ok kot aku pikir, tak sakit.. tapi tekaan aku meleset sama sekali... Bukan sahaja sakit, tangan aku lebam & bengkak sebab amik darah. Apala dia buat kat aku. Teruk betul... Pastu bila tanya, kenapa jadi cam tu... Jawapan tak menjawap soalan langsung! Jawapan mengelak dari tanggungjawap jer. "sebab puan tak tekan kapas kuat-kuat lepas amik darah tu." Sedap jer dia jawap... Sama jer aku tekan setiap kali amik darah, nie bukan pertama kali. Siot jer!

Continue story balik... Then at about 1.00pm came a nurse and announce. All patients bole keluar makan dulu... Pukul 2 datang balik. Kalau cakap awal2 kan bagus. Da la dari pagi x makan, anak & laki aku kat luar pun sure tunggu kerisauan kat luar tu. Confirm tak makan lagi tu! Teruk betulla...!!

Ok... For time being kita stop dulu... My baby da nangis lapar :) We continue later....

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