Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potty train

Well actually this potty train session was done way before I quit my job & decide to stay here in in-law's house to take care of my mother in-law that was sick & still till today. But back then the decision made bcos of nobody was there to take care of her other than us.

Back to potty train. Balqis da bole tell me when she want's to poop then. When she is about one years old. But the potty train stops & didn't continue due to I'm working & always came home late. So the potty training stops to poop in toilet only. Not even start to pee in the toilet.

But, she refused to poop in the toilet ever since we stay here in the in-law's house. She refused to use the w.c coz it was BLUE colored w.c. We didn't forced her since the toilet is not friendly to children anyway. Coz there is no hand bidet only kolah air, so many mosquitos & the tiles are slippery. So it was dangerous for a small child to be there, since she is very playful & might not be listening to me screaming when she meets up with water. Macam itik....

So then, I've decided to potty train her last month. Full potty train... For first few day there were "incidents". Sebab belum sure about pee like. Then later she can inform us to go to toilet but still can't control it. And now she can inform us and control to pee in the toilet. But still she refuse to poop on that w.c. I don't know what else to do. I know she knows when she wants to poop only she refused to.

Memang yakin... Sebab in my mother's house last week bole plak poop kat toilet.

Nampak gayanya kene start cari rumah lain & kerja la... Kerja? Memang tengah cari... Since my brother & sister in-law dah ada to took care of my mother in-law. My business? I will continue online... Kedai tutup.

This is due my MIL more in need of money then we staying here. Since she was unable to move or even sit up. My SIL alone can take care of my MIL. Duit my FIL sorang nye kuderat tak mampu nak tampung perbelanjaan makanan & ubatan for my MIL. There to many thing to buy just to make sure she is healthy & recovering. Pampers (4-5 times daily), baby wipes (200sheet for 2 weeks), diabetic milk (1 large tin for 5 days), diabetic strip for check sugar level (4 kali sehari) & other medications.

So for that reason we need to have extra money to help her & to help our selves to. Hutang keliling pinggang sape nak bayar? Itu hari okla ada duit simpanan... Sekarang da kering... Bukan duit jer da kering... Apa saja yg bernilai abis jual da... Mana yg penting jer x jual lagi... Sape nak tolong? Along? Hahaha... Nak mintak tolong pun segan.... Hanya Allah la tempat kami mengadu... Manusia? Mmm... Tahulah macam mana...

Alhamdulillah... We still have tempat berteduh & bole makan.

Please pray for us to be strong in doing deeds & permudahkan untuk kami membantu lagi....


OMR (Rose) said...

stay strong farra!

Farra said...

Thanks mawar... Pray for us to stay strong... :)