Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Questions & Answers about my baby

Just stomp by this topic i use to answer for my first baby... Now what would be my answer for my second... 

10 Questions About Your Baby

1. How heavy was your baby at birth?
3.08 kg

2. Who was the first to bathe your baby?
nurse at hospital... then later at home baru mandikan sendiri... :)

3. Did your baby like his/her bath?
Absolutely!! Like a duck to water! But only warm water... Sejuk ka? Terus nangis...

4. What was his/her first outfit?
His old sister newborn beige color baby suit with bunny cartoon.

5. Was he/she born with hair?
Yes, but very fine & light brown

6. What amount was his/her first feed?
Don't know the amount because he breastfeed but lama jugak.

7. Did you bottle feed or breastfeed?
BF since birth till today

8. If breastfed, did your baby take to it straight away?
yes, he did.. Within 30 minutes after birth.

9. What went through your mind when the labour was over?
Alhamdullillah.. my baby was born safe. Because i was not being prepared for labour yet in the labour room. 

10. How happy has he/she made you?
How blessed we are to have him in our lives!

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